About ClackyCon

ClackyCon is an event where hundreds of keyboard enthusiasts gather to meet new people, meet their online friends, try out numerous of keyboard configurations, showcase prototypes, meet their favourite vendors and much more!

The general idea is to bring your keyboards to ClackyCon and to spectate and try out others their keyboards. There is plenty of space, so bring as many keyboards as you like.

At the beginning of the event you will be handed cards where you can write down the details of your keyboards (Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty ;)) After writing down all your details, you can place your keyboards at the designated spots.

As the program suggest, there will be some competitions and events taking place, example; Typing contest and keyboard lubing workshop. There will be a designated area for vendors and sponsors to sell, showcase and / or pitch their products. Likewise, a consumer market place will be present for visitors to sell their items second hand.

There will be numerous of volunteers walking around for various tasks, as well as security guards for the visitors safety.
The Team
Driving media and merchandise
The business guy
Secures the place
Keeps things small
Figuring out socials
Manages the floor
The History of ClackyCon

30 September, 2023

ClackyCon Fall 2023

The first step for ClackyCon to become the new standard within the mechanical keyboard meetup scene. With tons of giveaways, massive ammounts of visitors and vendors. People throughout the entire world coming to The Netherlands to see what was up.


Visitors: ~310 | Vendors: 15 | Sponsors: 20

25 February, 2023

ClackyCon Spring 2023

The very first official ClackyCon. Organised in a small bakery, but with a large expansion. For the first time, we offered the possibility for vendors to display and sell. The name ClackyCon started to get some exposure, with people throughout Europe coming just for this edition!


Visitors: ~235 | Vendors: 6 | Sponsors: 13

11 June, 2022

Mechanical Keyboard Meetup Utrecht

Back when things weren't official yet, organised in a small bakery in Utrecht. The very first mechanical keyboard meetup in The Netherlands after 2 years of silence. This is what kickstarted the initiative of ClackyCon, organised by 2 of the ClackyKeebs founders.


Visitors: ~65 | Vendors: 0 | Sponsors: 5



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