House Rules

Here you’ll find all of the house rules, bag rules, and photography rules. The following house rules are applicable to all visitors, unless specified otherwise. By accessing the convention area, you conform yourself to the house rules stated below. In case these rules allow room for interpretation, the final decision will be made by on of the security members or convention organization. Aside from removal from the convention for breaking any of these rules (or Dutch laws) below, a visitor can also receive a ban for any period of time regarding future conventions organized by the convention organization. These rules are subject to change


  1. All visitors must visibly wear their official ClackyCon badge.
  2. Members of staff and security have the right to deny any visitor access to the convention if that visitor does not adhere to the convention's house rules or when said visitor violates any Dutch law on the convention grounds. Visitors removed for these infractions forfeit any right to compensation for their ticket or other expenses made to attend the convention.
  3. Visitors must be able to present some form of identification as described by Dutch law at the request of a staff member or a member of security. Failure to comply may result in denial of access to the convention.
  4. Members of staff and security have the right to limit access to specific festival areas in case current circumstances warrant such restrictions (in example: overcrowding or other emergencies).
  5. All children younger then 14 years of age need to be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children under the age of 12 are not required to buy a ticket, but do require a badge/wristband. These badges/wristbands can be acquired at the Registration Desk during the convention.
  6. The convention organization holds the right to deny visitors access to the festival without stating a reason. Paid entry fees will be reimbursed immediately. The festival organization nor its members are liable for additional costs, such as (but not limited to) travel arrangements and hotel fees.
  7. Sleeping or taking a nap on festival grounds is not allowed. It is only allowed to sleep in a hotel room on the festival grounds for which you legally posses a key. Sleeping in other locations is prohibited and can result in expulsion from the festival.

Code of Conduct

  1. Obscene gestures and acts are not allowed.
  2. Marketing activities are not allowed on the convention grounds without explicit written authorization by the convention organization. This includes (but is not limited to) distributing folders and flyers, putting up signs or props, holding a survey or handing out questionnaires, with or without sound.
  3. Placing stickers or using other adhesive materials on surfaces on convention grounds is not allowed.
  4. Smoking is not allowed outside of the designated area's within the convention grounds.
  5. Pets are not allowed on the convention grounds. If you have an official service animal, please contact the convention organization prior to attending the convention.

Food and Drinks

As we do not have any food stands, you can bring some for yourself, however we do expect you to eat outside the venue or at the specified place and not around the keyboards or any other objects displayed.

Photography and Media

  1. It is prohibited to use tripods, dollies or any other free standing aids for photography or any other type of recording. If you want to use reflectors, lamps or other aids for a shoot, these items need to be held by a person.
  2. Any recordings made on the festival grounds must comply with Dutch law, specifically privacy regulations.

Keyboards on display

Everyone gets handed out cards to write down if you are allowed to pick it up, type on it or not at all. Please respect these as it's not yours.
  1. If a keyboard has a card who has marked do not touch this indicates that you're not allowed to pick it up or touch it at all. If this rule is not complied with the visitor will receive a warning. Getting multiple warnings will result in removal of the convention grounds.
  2. If a keyboard has a card who has marked do not pick up this indicates that you're allowed to touch it and type on it. Picking the device up however is not allowed and will result in a warning which could lead to removal of the convention grounds.
  3. If a keyboard has a card who has nothing marked at all you're allowed to pick the device up and type on it as well.



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